Return Policy

what is the return ?
Is the return of the product in its original condition at the time of shipping and in the specified time for that and after arriving at our warehouse and done to Quality Inspection, the amount due is added to the balance of your account in Larva automatically, note that the balance is not specified by a time and you can use it to order the size or model alternative or for any future purchase..
What are the terms of return?
Returning products is approved in the following conditions:
-If the product weren't partially or completely damaged, if its serial number, labels or original cover weren't removed, or if any of its accessories weren't missing.
-If the product weren't used or exposed to any damage or soiling.
-If the product were restored in the same original condition it was received with and that includes putting the product inside its protecting original cardboard box and sealing it well before handing it over to the shipping company.
-If the return form were applied within the allowed period of making a replacement which is (14 days).
How long do I have to make a return?
Refund is accepted within 14 days of receipt of the order
I would like to return the order and refund the payment, can I do so?
--In the case of cash on delivery the amount will be returned to the balance of the customer's account in the Larva's app automatically within 48 hours since arriving at warehouses we conduct and exceed the quality check, and the added balance will be available for any future purchase and not specified in time. -In the case of electronic payment is returned as a balance for the customer's account in the Larva's app automatically and in case the customer wishes to refund the amount to the account of the card used at the time of purchase will take a maximum of 14 days from the date of receipt of the product and exceed the quality check - (required to communicate with customer services to complete the electronic refund process). .
What does the account balance on the site mean?
It is the balance added to the customer after completing the product retrieval process, and the customer can use it in future purchases, and it is not limited to a specific period.
What is the time it takes to obtain my account's balance in Larva?
The customer obtain his balance within 48 hours from receiving the product and passing the quality check
How much the return process costs?
The return process is completely free, and there are no fees required from the customer.
How do I make use of my balance in the store?
•Login to Larva's account.
•Select a product.
•Go to the basket.
• At the payment stage, the store balance is selected and if there is an additional difference in price, another payment method must be selected to complete the payment process.
•Complete the purchase
How long does it take to return the amount to my account balance in Nijree?
It takes 48 hours and is calculated from skipping the product quality check.
How long does it take to return the money to my bank account?
It takes 14 days Start after completing the quality inspection.
Will the additional fees (payment fee on receipt - delivery fee) be refunded when I return the order?
The surcharge is not refunded, but the value of the products is refunded only by the policy of Larva.
Can I cancel my return request?
Yes, you can do this by contacting our customer service team via email (
The shipment has been delivered to the shipping company's branch in my area, how can I verify that you have received it?
You can track your shipment via the shipment tracking number on the refunding bond sent to your email.
What are the return terms for "buy one get 1 free" offer ?
To complete the return process, all the products are required to be returned, in addition to the general terms of refund.